Look at Throwback Pictures of Hushpuppi, when he was still doing legit work


Raymond Olorunwa Abass popularly known as “Hushpuppi”, was recently arrested at his resident in Dubai by the Interpol & FBI. He was apprehended alongside twelve other syndicates. Following their arrest, it was revealed that they hack corporate emails and clone websites to redirect payments to their own accounts, defrauding close to 2 million people.

About 1.6bn Dhirams stolen was stolen by them, they had over 1.9m victims, over 25m Dhirams in cars, 150m worth in items. The successful raid resulted in the confiscation of incriminating documents pertaining to a well-planned international fraud, worth Dh1.6 billion(N168 billion).

The internet is a wicked place, look at these funny Throwback pictures of Hushpuppi.

According to the pictures, one could tell that He was still doing legal works. But greediness & love of money got the better of him so He decided to start doing illegal work (419 & Yahoo Yahoo)



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