Pictures of the Beautiful Lady that was poisoned at her Birthday Party


We live in a wicked world filled with heartless & jealous people.

A Lady from Benue state Nigeria, was allegedly poisoned at her birthday party by one of her jealous friend after she was gifted an iPhone 11 by her boyfriend.

According to a person who witnessed the painful incident, Said:

– She was poisoned at her Birthday Party last night.

– She was gifted an iPhone 11 too… It’s obvious one of the girls she call friends is behind it.

– While dancing she slumped and was vomiting blood then died, it happened in Makurdi Benue state. Stupid envy and jealousy..

WATCH THE VIDEO of Her Birthday Party BELOW πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Look at how this beautiful creature was wasted by one of her friends because of jealousy and envy. We should be very careful with the type of friends we keep, it is not everybody that laugh & play with you that is also happy with you. Most of them are praying for your down fall.

This beautiful lady invited are trusted friends to her birthday party, not knowing that some of her friends are jealous of her because she has a rich boyfriend. The heart of man is full of wickedness.

May Her Soul Rest in Perfect Peace…

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