Download & Install our Android Application

RejoiceBoysBlog is an Entertainment & Information BLOG based in Nigeria with over 60, 000 visitors and 80, 000 views per month.

We inform & entertain our Guests with News, latest Music, Videos, Celebrity Gossips & Movies.

Kindly Download & Install our ANDROID Application Below:

After you have successfully downloaded the App, Kindly come back to this page and follow these guidelines/Steps Below to INSTALL it on your Android phone.

*** If you encounter this kind of problem when Downloading πŸ‘‰ “The type of File can harm your Device” Kindly Click OK ***

Follow these STEPS Below to INSTALL the App on your Android phone, After Downloading the Application.

1. Go to your Browser’s Downloads and Click on the App.

2. Click on the Install Button.

3. When installing, it will bring out a pop up about “Play Protect”, Kindly Click “Install Anyway”.

Because we have not yet verified our App with Google Play store.

4. Automatically the App has been Installed Successfully.

5. The App is ready for use, Click on it and enjoy non-stop Entertainment & Information.

Thanks for Downloading…

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